Started Packing // Few Essentials

Yaay! Let the adventures begin! In 3 days I’m going on vacation, visiting 5 countries and I can’t contain my excitement. This is definitely going to be a fun one-whole-month. I have been planning for this for the past couple of weeks, so here we go. For starters, PACKING. I have started sorting out tiny bits and pieces, my main essentials TOILETRIES. Haha I know.. and some skin care and makeup as well.

IMG_9749IMG_9750IMG_9746IMG_9745IMG_9747FullSizeRender 8

They are all collected in two bags for an easier jam. I like these bags because the outside part is plastic which means if something’s decided to spill you’ll not have it everywhere in your suitcase. The thought of it alone is terrifying. We don’t have time to deal with that kind of situation. Another thing I like about the bigger bag is that you can hang it up because it has a hook, again, easy access and you can see the whole shebang once it’s hanged and open.

I’ll sure document my trip and share it.

That’s all for now! x


Fell In Love With Armenia

Hi, everyone! For those who are wondering and planning to visit the amazing Republic of Armenia, this is my version of a travel guide, I hope this somehow will be helpful. There are a lot of things to do and enjoy in that beautiful country. Like skiing and lying on the snow (haha), but seriously, a glimpse of what and how middle age probably or certainly looks like. From the aesthetic of the city, medieval churches and monasteries, up to the massive mountains stretched into the surface your naked eyes will ever reach, with my absolute best judgment – I am saying you’ll not regret it. I thought we simplify things so we can get to the point quick. From Abu Dhabi, UAE to Yerevan, Armenia, this was my 4-day itinerary.

  • Airline Ticket

Book your ticket with your airline of choice. I have chosen airarabia because they have the lowest airfare but departs from Sharjah International Airport. They’re having a deal of a return ticket for 1 week at 650aed and flight schedules are only Tuesdays and Fridays. If you happen to be traveling for less than a week, the fare will have a little difference (mine was 940aed), but I believe it’s still much cheaper than the other airlines. You can try checking out Fly Dubai as well. AirArabia offers a shuttle bus which I wasn’t aware of, you can check with your agent if you’ll book via travel agency and google it if you do it online. I took the bus from Abu Dhabi Bus Station going to City Centre Sharjah at 24:00 being the last trip because the first trip is 04:30 and my flight was 08:10 then it would have been bad if I came late; I then took a taxi to the airport for 32aed.

  • Hotel Booking

Booking can be done online with multiple choices of booking sites; I did mine at Hotel. Com. Either way, I highly recommend Kantar Hotel situated just few minutes walk from the Republic Square. You can choose your preferred room whether you want to stay alone in a room or in a shared room, of course, the prices will varry. My friend and I chose the shared room for 31aed/night since we just need some place to rest, take a shower and to store our luggage. It is a dormitory room with 4 double-decker beds and no worries you’ll have a locker to store your valuables. The hotel is affordable, clean and pleasant, you’ll get the best value for your money. They offer a broad range of delicious breakfast, coffee, and tea that is already included in your stay. The staff is friendly and very welcoming. Please bring your own toiletries (except paper tissues) indoor slippers, and plug in socket adapter.

Kantar Hotel, Reception Area
Kantar Hotel, Breakfast Lounge
  • VISA

Visa is upon arrival for 3000 Armenian drams (1 aed=129 drams) for up to 21 days of stay if you wish to stay longer you can extend and an additional fee will be charged accordingly. You need to secure beforehand the amount in Armenian drams because they might not accept any other currency, like dollars or dirhams, etc.

  • Airport pick up/drop off and Tours

You can contact Tours in Armenia if you haven’t had chosen anyone yet. Pick up from airport to your hotel is 2000 drams as well as drop off from your hotel to the airport. You can find the contact number on their page and you can communicate via whatsapp. They’re approachable and will reply to your query quickly. And also, their car has wifi which is quite nice or better. For the tours, I had 2 days from 09:00-18:00 top. Day 1: Geghard ChurchGarni TempleSevan LakeCable CarKecharis Monastery. Day 2: Khor VirapHin AreniNoravank. I would recommend joining the tour on the 2nd day from the day you landed, so you are well-rested and have the entire day.

  • Tour Fees

Day 1 – 5,500 drams

Garni Temple – 1,200 drams (entrance ticket)

Cable Car (Tsaghkadzor) – 2,000 drams

Day 2 – 6,500 drams

Hin Areni Wine Tasting and Tour – 1,000 drams

IMG_689385B4A832-1IMG_66831DBAA534-1IMG_31DC07F18137-1IMG_67A2B356A84C-1IMG_D6AA726A81C2-1IMG_8F5BAE3B4F8C-1IMG_5F0259B67C12-1IMG_3CD98F09887B-1FullSizeRender 16IMG_0FE0F0D15E16-1IMG_AE49BD957C00-1

  • Places to Eat

Pandok Yerevan

Shaurma Club

Tospia Restaurant

Kalian Khalill Maamoon

Food and present budgets are all up to you depending on how much would you wanna spend. Shops and restaurants accept visa and mastercard.

Tospia Restaurant


I would also like to share some experiences and thoughts about a couple of things that honestly surprise me. First thing, please please please don’t be rude to anyone, especially to the locals. I have seen kabayans acted kinda off even in public, like WHY? Why would you do that? Aren’t you supposed to prepare everything before you even step on the plane? You are coming to a foreign country, of course, you’ll gonna need the money in their own currency(!) We are all foreigners, and their country belongs to them, whatever their traditions and rules are – we are expected to obey and follow without questions. This is ridiculous and funny, but it bugs me- for instance in restaurants, please ask nicely for your RICE and SPOON. Second thing, we don’t need to give our comments to everything we see. If they are negative, we resist it and keep it to ourselves unless it is appreciative then we go share it. Notwithstanding our differences, we are well-mannered HUMAN beings (I believe..).

Good luck and have fun!

Don’t forget your cameras, extra batteries, and cozy outfits! xx

Made it to Armenia

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Made it to the beautiful country of Armenia! Even the flight was delayed for almost 2 hours, we landed safe and just blown away by the stunningly medieval city of Yerevan. Can’t wait for the adventures that await for the following days. I so love the city as much as the people around, the ambiance is so pleasing and accepting that you almost feel at home. The city makes you feel like you’re experiencing some middle age vibe in the 21st century. Credits go to the Armenian citizens that preserve such gems. I highly recommend coming here and see it yourself. I’ll try to post a travel guide soon that hopefully can help out anyone planning to come.

Enjoy the rest of your week!××

Best of 2016

How is it 2017 already? It’s unbelievably crazy how time just flew by like that, yet it shouldn’t be a depressing thing at all. We are so done for 2016 and ready for 2017 and everything that comes with it. I’ll share my best of 2016 travel sesh merely to document what happened last year. I’ll try not to write any negative comments about anything to keep the vibe of being grateful. Haha.


My top memory had to be in Singapore last March where I got to spend my birthday with my long-not-seen friends. It was soo sooo fun. We had dinner in a Spanish Buffet Restaurant; the food was delicious, the atmosphere was relaxing perfect for just a chill-out evening and catching up on everyone. The next day, we went to Universal Studios and enjoyed the whole day of rides, giggles, and fun.

I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as well where I got to explore the lovely city, had a glimpse of what is it like to live there even in just a few days. Experienced the busyness of the shopping malls, met cheerful locals and tourists and of course the pleasure of my heart seeing the splendid twin tower before my naked eyeballs. Of course I can’t forget the anxiety I felt when I saw everything not written in English, like how am I gonna read them? Tip for the next trip, know the simple entry and exit words written in foreign alphabet.

Last November, I went to India. I landed in Delhi then traveled by car to Jaipur and Agra where you can find the magical Taj Mahal. The feeling I had when I saw the actual human-made magic was incredibly priceless. The four-day quick trip was a success and though unplanned things happened for me to keep, it certainly over-weighed the joy and satisfaction of the whole experience.

I love to travel alone and plan my itinerary and book everything myself. Hopefully, can do more this year. It is insane how scary a thing will be until you’ve done it. Sure it goes with a risk of being not able to go home with complete limbs and whatnot, but hey it is fun, and somehow it helps you grow because it did to me. I hope you enjoyed and got inspired to do the same. Perhaps this isn’t entirely helpful but keep your eyes peeled because we will have great adventures coming. I apologise if this is crappy, this will be better in time (I will be better haha) because there is no other way around. Have a prosperous new year!