Today let’s talk about skincare.

Welcome to my minimal skincare routine. I have honestly downsized the number of products I’m using and I don’t wear makeup 95% of the time.

A little background.

I have been having issues with textured skin, especially on my chin and forehead. I splurged money on facials at Kaya Skin Clinic until I can’t afford them any longer. Lol. I saw results, although, to maintain them, you have to keep coming and have your sessions as religiously as recommended. So I experimented with moisturizers and cleansers. These are the only things that I notice my skin will dramatically react to if it doesn’t like the product or any ingredients in it. I ventured on high-end and drug store products and I can tell which one was having a favourable effect and which one was not. Sometimes I mixed the two by using them alternately just so I don’t run out of the more expensive product quickly. But it was not working and I just ended up having multiple products.

So I decided to keep one of what was doing exactly what it says and cut the rest out. It saves me time and gives me ease. Then eventually help me save money and keep everything at a minimum. It has made a whole world of difference.

I apply the Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser directly onto my face without water, day and night. It will turn into oil and you wash it off with warm water. It leaves your skin feeling softer, brighter, and hydrated. And this is the only face wash that cleared out my pimple marks and textured skin. I am not a pro when giving product reviews, just sharing my personal experience. You can check out the products if you wish to know more.

For the Shiseido Scrub Mask, I use it three times a week or anytime I feel like I need it.

I Followed then with Hyaluronic Acid at night and Vitamin C in the morning.

  • I could not find the link for the Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C but I purchased them at Watsons.

For moisturizer, I use the Tata Harper Water-Lock Moisturizer. I like this more for two reasons. First, it is super hygienic. It has a very cool pump, you press the green top surface and the product will automatically dispense. There is no need to dig your fingers down into the tub. Second, you can buy a refill. You keep your tub and use it for as long as you two shall live. Lol. The hydration level is superb.

Eye cream is another important part of my routine because I get dry eyes and wrinkles are here so I need the Shiseido Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream‘s magic.

The last step is sunscreen. I wear sunscreen every single day and I never go out without having it. I don’t usually wear any during the night if I will just sleep, but I do if I am working.

  • I could not find the link for the sunscreen but I purchased it at Sephora.

I hope this post gives some inspiration for one almighty pampered and clear skin that we all deserve! Haha.

Deuces! ❤



As we recenter ourselves for 2022, here are seven things you can simplify to hit this new year strong. Most of which I am doing myself and I think you guys can benefit from these as well. Enjoy reading!

1. Your Wardrobe. Buy less, choose well and re-wear. 

2. Your Words. Keep your words plain and honest even if it means you have to speak less. Mean what you say. 

3. Your Material Possessions. Keep what is essential, let go of non-essential. If it doesn’t hold a value it’s clutter, accumulating dust and taking up your time maintaining it.  

4. Your Diet. Know what you need. Have a default meal when you feel like skipping a meal. Avoid junk foods. They are junk. Really. 

5. Your Screen Time. Don’t overshare in social media. Have a bit of privacy. Coming from me? Trust me at this stage, I’ve gotten better. Truly. 

6. Your Time Commitments. If you would rather sleep than do what was asked for, go for it. Don’t waste your time doing something to fit in and compromise what you value. 

7. Your Goals. Choose one at a time and do it well. Don’t multi-task because it lowers productivity. I am a nurse and getting paid to multi-task. You can believe me. 


I have been meaning to post this, pre apocalypse. Lol. I’m just kidding. I am currently stranded and thought we can use something to read that isn’t corona virus related. Have fun or not. This is my updated minimal skin care routine. I hope you can find something that you fancy trying. I use the Collagen Sleeping Pack at night and the sunscreen during the day. Other than that, I don’t have anything in particular that is specific for night time or day time.







Thanks for stopping by. Wash your hands and stay safe.


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Hello! Sharing my January faves that have been on repeat. Click the link below to access the playlist. Enjoy!


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the glitter of music 



A happy new year and welcome to the first entry of 2020! Let’s face it everyone is having resolutions, so are we. As a baby in minimalism, I know that I still have a lot to learn on this journey. I have taken an interest in this lifestyle from late 2018 and although I have decluttered a solid 50% of my physical belongings during 2019, I know for a fact that I still keep things and issues more than I need. As the new decade just commenced, I want to have a plan and take it farther as a minimalism adapter. If you have taken an interest in reading this and the idea of minimalism resonates with you, thank you! Here are my 7 resolutions in the realm of minimalism. I hope you can take something with you and that this makes sense to you the way it does to me.

1. Only Own One Of Rule

Avoiding duplicates. I am still working on this. Seeing my pens, notebooks, journals, shoes, the list can go longer. I still hoard them for the reason that I can’t just throw them away. I need to do something about it. We don’t need that many pens and shoes unless we use each of them every day which is way far from possible.

2. Invest in Quality over Quantity

To name a few: tackling tasks, clothing, relationships. From day 1 at school, I was taught to multi-task and put my eggs in multiple baskets but I absolutely don’t have to if I don’t need to. What I want to do is prioritize, keep the things that will last longer, and have anything that I’ll get sufficient use out of. The rest is just clutter.

3. No Buy Challenge 

Setting a goal not to spend money for a day, a week or even months. Say, for example, bringing packed lunch at work or fight the aching desire to eat out because I’m too tired to prepare a meal at home. Commit to no shopping for a month or 3, or just being intentional about the things I want to bring in my space.

4. Say No

This one I struggled for as long as I can remember and honestly, I still do. I will feel bad if I say no like 80% of the time so I ended up saying yes anyway, which can be destructive sometimes to my health, my values and my goals. I will make it a goal for 2020 to be comfortable saying no to things that don’t make me feel good, don’t benefit me and don’t serve a purpose.

5. Create a Routine 

Routine is a good kickoff start in forming a habit. On my day off is when I re-visit my to-do list for the entire week/month and tackle my calendar for appointments and deadlines. I will try to schedule my work-related meetings and whatnot at work. Basically, all things related to my fulltime job will be done during workdays and personal matters will be done at home during days off. I want to focus on work and not be distracted with personal issues and the same thing goes if I have a rest day. I also have started to schedule to water my plants (very important) so I don’t mess up the days’ intervals and eventually kill my plants.  I do flip with these routines sometimes especially when I am too tired but I will make it happen, master them, and eventually able to do it by default.

6. Limit Plastic Use

Okay, you don’t need to go blown-out zero waste but at least make an effort to minimize it. I am so pleased I have cut down my plastic use to 50% if not more for the entire 2019. This as well doesn’t mean you have to discard all your plastic belongings and change to glass containers or other sustainable alternatives. That again defeats the idea of having plastic as waste. Continue using them until their last life and try not to acquire additional plastics. If I’m needing for a certain thing to buy and its wrap in plastic I would look for an alternative, whether it’s in a glass container or I buy it in bulk and popped out my reusable bags. I can only count with my fingers the amount of time I have been in a coffee shop and had single-use cups for the whole 2019 and I always have a stainless steel fork in my bag that comes in handy for whenever my colleagues and I eat out after work. If you can’t avoid ordering food out at least refuse to have the plastic cutlery and condiments then use your utensils at home. If you buy a single item in a shop, ditch the plastic bag and pop it in your handbag or just hold it as it is. I always do that, it doesn’t hurt. Although sometimes it’s hard to try to go grocery shopping without plastic at all, this 2020 we’ll try harder.

7. Simplify Food 

The first point is to go back to basics. Fresh produce and less processed food. I know that ready to go food comes with convenience because I actually do but it’s not healthy in the long run. Not healthy for your body, your wallet, and the environment. Opt for simple food that is nutrient-dense and ditch junk food. Vegetables are doable and you don’t have to make it too complicated with all the seasonings and grillings. I don’t go crazy with them because I think its unnecessary, but if you do then, by all means, you do you no judgment just make it simple with your own definition of simplicity. About minimalism with food, it doesn’t mean you have to eat less at all. It means we should only eat what our body needs with a bit of sustainability. For 2020 let’s make it a mission to keep it simple and only consume healthier food.

Life is too short to do things we don’t need and don’t serve a purpose. Focus your energy on people, things, and experiences that matter and make you happy. Now is the time to drop everything that is not working for you because you glow differently when you’re doing better.

Let’s make 2020 simple!


Jinky xx