Today let’s talk about skincare.

Welcome to my minimal skincare routine. I have honestly downsized the number of products I’m using and I don’t wear makeup 95% of the time.

A little background.

I have been having issues with textured skin, especially on my chin and forehead. I splurged money on facials at Kaya Skin Clinic until I can’t afford them any longer. Lol. I saw results, although, to maintain them, you have to keep coming and have your sessions as religiously as recommended. So I experimented with moisturizers and cleansers. These are the only things that I notice my skin will dramatically react to if it doesn’t like the product or any ingredients in it. I ventured on high-end and drug store products and I can tell which one was having a favourable effect and which one was not. Sometimes I mixed the two by using them alternately just so I don’t run out of the more expensive product quickly. But it was not working and I just ended up having multiple products.

So I decided to keep one of what was doing exactly what it says and cut the rest out. It saves me time and gives me ease. Then eventually help me save money and keep everything at a minimum. It has made a whole world of difference.

I apply the Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser directly onto my face without water, day and night. It will turn into oil and you wash it off with warm water. It leaves your skin feeling softer, brighter, and hydrated. And this is the only face wash that cleared out my pimple marks and textured skin. I am not a pro when giving product reviews, just sharing my personal experience. You can check out the products if you wish to know more.

For the Shiseido Scrub Mask, I use it three times a week or anytime I feel like I need it.

I Followed then with Hyaluronic Acid at night and Vitamin C in the morning.

  • I could not find the link for the Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C but I purchased them at Watsons.

For moisturizer, I use the Tata Harper Water-Lock Moisturizer. I like this more for two reasons. First, it is super hygienic. It has a very cool pump, you press the green top surface and the product will automatically dispense. There is no need to dig your fingers down into the tub. Second, you can buy a refill. You keep your tub and use it for as long as you two shall live. Lol. The hydration level is superb.

Eye cream is another important part of my routine because I get dry eyes and wrinkles are here so I need the Shiseido Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream‘s magic.

The last step is sunscreen. I wear sunscreen every single day and I never go out without having it. I don’t usually wear any during the night if I will just sleep, but I do if I am working.

  • I could not find the link for the sunscreen but I purchased it at Sephora.

I hope this post gives some inspiration for one almighty pampered and clear skin that we all deserve! Haha.

Deuces! ❤



Howdy! Let us get personal.

I felt sedentary in 2021. Last year was a bit weighty. I wanted healing, newness, change, and growth and nothing worked. We were living in a much strange way of interacting with life. For me, it led to a withdrawal of old, unhealthy habits.

I recently just turned 34. I promised myself for the upcoming days to embrace newness every single day. I will explore a new dimension of my existence within the confines of my boundaries. I know it will be hard to get away from this rigid idea of myself or remain within any walls that exist only in my head. Every day will be an option to live in a way that feels good, to be doing things that align with what I value most.

To anyone reading this: If you long for transformation, start small. Maybe instead of buying your hard-boiled egg, boil your own. If you are just trying to get through today, have a shower and sleep. The world and your issues can wait. Trying something new does not have to be some complicated and stern thing.

To my gallant queens: Happy International Women’s Day! Be the nurturers, the soothers, and the steadier of rocked boats that you are. BUT minimise pleasing and placating the world as if your lives depended on it.

Sending virtual hugs your way,



Reading is an incredible tool to help us grow, reframe our thinking by learning new things and sometimes transports us to a whole new world. I started to like reading first a few years back to improve my English writing and grammar. Today, I opted to read more if I want to know about anything that interests me.  

This list is not a crazy goal of how many books I can read in a year, but merely the list to follow through. 

I hope any of these will spark interest in you. 

Happy reading!

  1. IKIGAI The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life – currently reading
  2. Myths of Happiness
  3. Life Lessons from a Brain Surgeon 
  4. It Ends with Us 
  5. Tiny Beautiful Things 
  6. The Only Street in Paris 
  7. Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion 
  8. Public Speaking for Success, Dale Carnegie 
  9. What Everybody Is Saying by Jose Navarro 
  10. The Influential Mind 
  11. Quit 
  12. The Artist’s Way 
  13. The Dance of Anger
  14. Invisible Women 
  15. #futureboards 
  16. Such A Fun Age by Kiley Reid 
  17. 3 Women by Lisa Taddeo 
  18. For One More Day; The Atomic of Habits 
  19. Soulful Simplicity 
  20. The Mighty Thor by Jason Aaron 
  21. The Good and Beautiful God 
  22. I’m Not Your Baby Mother 
  23. Woman Code 
  24. The Joy of Less 
  25. Essentialism 
  26. The Power of How 
  27. The Story of my Experiments with Truth 
  28. Project 333
  29. You can Heal your Life 
  30. Demian by Hermann Hesse 


As we recenter ourselves for 2022, here are seven things you can simplify to hit this new year strong. Most of which I am doing myself and I think you guys can benefit from these as well. Enjoy reading!

1. Your Wardrobe. Buy less, choose well and re-wear. 

2. Your Words. Keep your words plain and honest even if it means you have to speak less. Mean what you say. 

3. Your Material Possessions. Keep what is essential, let go of non-essential. If it doesn’t hold a value it’s clutter, accumulating dust and taking up your time maintaining it.  

4. Your Diet. Know what you need. Have a default meal when you feel like skipping a meal. Avoid junk foods. They are junk. Really. 

5. Your Screen Time. Don’t overshare in social media. Have a bit of privacy. Coming from me? Trust me at this stage, I’ve gotten better. Truly. 

6. Your Time Commitments. If you would rather sleep than do what was asked for, go for it. Don’t waste your time doing something to fit in and compromise what you value. 

7. Your Goals. Choose one at a time and do it well. Don’t multi-task because it lowers productivity. I am a nurse and getting paid to multi-task. You can believe me. 


The last 30 days was a pure act of self-care. Went for multiple rounds of decluttering physical things, digital and mental. My main goal for taking a break is to ground me or to calm me for the past 12 months was violent so to speak. And that I am truly grateful for the opportunity to reflect on so many things going on around me and within myself.

I slept for a total of 15 days (I’d like to think), permitted myself to just be lazy, ate whatever I wanted, and binge-watched TED Talks and TV series.

I also reformed old habits that for some reason I have forgotten. One is being selective about what I should spend my time doing or thinking. I have forgotten how cosy it feels to be present and never worry about anything you don’t have control over i.e., the past, the future, and other people’s beliefs, thoughts and feelings. Another habit is being able to shake off any negative vibrations coming along when you have to deal with people and react only if you absolutely need to.

As tomorrow slowly unfolds, I vow to live each day intentionally. To continue to be a wild, cool, and complex person but with less anxiety. LOL.

The major takeaway is the realisation of how important rest truly is.

Sending virtual hugs your way,


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