Went out and sat in a coffee shop and read today. It was nice mainly because of the weather which gave me a bit more of a reason to go out. I always opt to stay in and do my thing alone within the four corners of my so-called home. Though there are days that I manage to be out without any real purpose, it’s a habit I think often I missed out for the reason that I am just too exhausted to walk around aimlessly.

Today was my only day off from work and I thought to give myself a fresh air out. The desire comes from a place of anxiety. I am leaving this country in 2 months after 8 long years and I feel like I am missing it already. I am trying to navigate this feeling around and making memories feels like a decent step in the right direction.

Anyway. I am currently reading Susan Cain’s Quiet. The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking (real). It’s fascinating how history and even up until now there are people overvalue extroverts and treat introverts as misfits. It’s a slow one, but I enjoyed the pointers and peace it brought me. I went home after 2 hours and picked up groceries on my way. Prepared my lunch for tomorrow, something I haven’t been well enough to allow myself to do in some days.




The trip has driven me extra feelings due to the previous circumstances of getting stranded because of covid. Covid found its way into the norm and so, thus, our lives. Had a lovely time with my family and friends. Ate wholesome food, stayed up late catching up, and practised playing billiards.


Delighted to be back there after 2 years. Didn’t expect it was my second and last trip. Everything remained familiar but the people.


It was fun hours taking a trip down memory lane. Reminiscing where and when we all started. Grateful for being here.


It was an epic night reliving my high school days. The songs resonated as well with the current state of emotions.


History always fascinates me more than the future. And tickets are free for nurses.


“I’m lost. Please take me with you.”

– my pisces heart to yours

The last 4 months were less heavy. We went out, saw the sunlight, had drinks, and visited places. The coming 3 months will be predictable. Beyond that lies the unknown of change. Change – a big thief of my sovereignty.

July In My Heart

The capacity to be alone is the capacity to love. It may look paradoxical to you but it is not. It is an essential truth. Only those capable of being alone are capable of loving, sharing, and going into the deepest core of the other person; without possessing the other, without becoming dependent on the other, without reducing the other to a thing, and without being addicted to the other. 

– Osho


Today let’s talk about skincare.

Welcome to my minimal skincare routine. I have honestly downsized the number of products I’m using and I don’t wear makeup 95% of the time.

A little background.

I have been having issues with textured skin, especially on my chin and forehead. I splurged money on facials at Kaya Skin Clinic until I can’t afford them any longer. Lol. I saw results, although, to maintain them, you have to keep coming and have your sessions as religiously as recommended. So I experimented with moisturizers and cleansers. These are the only things that I notice my skin will dramatically react to if it doesn’t like the product or any ingredients in it. I ventured on high-end and drug store products and I can tell which one was having a favourable effect and which one was not. Sometimes I mixed the two by using them alternately just so I don’t run out of the more expensive product quickly. But it was not working and I just ended up having multiple products.

So I decided to keep one of what was doing exactly what it says and cut the rest out. It saves me time and gives me ease. Then eventually help me save money and keep everything at a minimum. It has made a whole world of difference.

I apply the Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser directly onto my face without water, day and night. It will turn into oil and you wash it off with warm water. It leaves your skin feeling softer, brighter, and hydrated. And this is the only face wash that cleared out my pimple marks and textured skin. I am not a pro when giving product reviews, just sharing my personal experience. You can check out the products if you wish to know more.

For the Shiseido Scrub Mask, I use it three times a week or anytime I feel like I need it.

I Followed then with Hyaluronic Acid at night and Vitamin C in the morning.

  • I could not find the link for the Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C but I purchased them at Watsons.

For moisturizer, I use the Tata Harper Water-Lock Moisturizer. I like this more for two reasons. First, it is super hygienic. It has a very cool pump, you press the green top surface and the product will automatically dispense. There is no need to dig your fingers down into the tub. Second, you can buy a refill. You keep your tub and use it for as long as you two shall live. Lol. The hydration level is superb.

Eye cream is another important part of my routine because I get dry eyes and wrinkles are here so I need the Shiseido Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream‘s magic.

The last step is sunscreen. I wear sunscreen every single day and I never go out without having it. I don’t usually wear any during the night if I will just sleep, but I do if I am working.

  • I could not find the link for the sunscreen but I purchased it at Sephora.

I hope this post gives some inspiration for one almighty pampered and clear skin that we all deserve! Haha.

Deuces! ❤


Howdy! Let us get personal.

I felt sedentary in 2021. Last year was a bit weighty. I wanted healing, newness, change, and growth and nothing worked. We were living in a much strange way of interacting with life. For me, it led to a withdrawal of old, unhealthy habits.

I recently just turned 34. I promised myself for the upcoming days to embrace newness every single day. I will explore a new dimension of my existence within the confines of my boundaries. I know it will be hard to get away from this rigid idea of myself or remain within any walls that exist only in my head. Every day will be an option to live in a way that feels good, to be doing things that align with what I value most.

To anyone reading this: If you long for transformation, start small. Maybe instead of buying your hard-boiled egg, boil your own. If you are just trying to get through today, have a shower and sleep. The world and your issues can wait. Trying something new does not have to be some complicated and stern thing.

To my gallant queens: Happy International Women’s Day! Be the nurturers, the soothers, and the steadier of rocked boats that you are. BUT minimise pleasing and placating the world as if your lives depended on it.

Sending virtual hugs your way,