What a wild year it’s been for the world! It is my Day 82 from being stranded away from work and locked down while I was having my annual leave. It’s been more than 3 months in addition to my 25-days actual annual leave started last February. Developed quarantine belly and couch sores, multiple farm trips with the fam and eating tons of home-grown foodies. Enjoy!

IMG_0657IMG_0719IMG_0709IMG_0690IMG_0689IMG_1038IMG_1011IMG_1036IMG_0695IMG_0917IMG_0776IMG_0775IMG_0115IMG_0900IMG_0877IMG_0874IMG_0913IMG_1048IMG_1689 2IMG_5480IMG_0357IMG_0290IMG_0287IMG_0292IMG_0354IMG_0324IMG_0268IMG_0021IMG_0042IMG_0054IMG_0031


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