After almost 4 hours of long drive, finally arrived. Went straight to lunch at Bin Majid Resort. Photo Credit – Neiljuan Bie –
The only pic I took but I’m telling you foods were amazing!


This may look nothing and unchallenging to you, but trust me my friend this thing got me. I was so bummed because it looks cool and fun but I was consumed by discomfort rather than having ‘fun’. The thought of trying it twice horrified me; nonetheless, others were loving it so I still highly recommend giving it a go.


Next up we went kayaking. It was my first time and I absolutely loved it!
Okay I don’t look like I’m struggling with the actual work of paddling here so this photo’s cool for posting.
The post 2-hour-100-degress-sun-exposure sipping orange vodka. Yayy for one of the perks of being an adult! Photo credit – Neiljuan Bie –
Brought our own party thanks to this bunch of talented amazing beautiful humans! Sang tons of songs, had calm chitchats that gradually progressed into louder talks and laughter, then the rest was history. Photo Credit – Neiljuan Bie –
Yet again, slathered oursleves with sunscreens and enjoyed the 10am morning sun for more or less than 2 hours. Okay certainly more. Buttttttt I enjoyed every bit of it plus I’ve got myself some cheeky tan lines now that I think are cool to brag going ‘honey I endured the sun’. Haha. If you know UAE’s temperature, you know. Photo credit – Neiljuan Bie –
Here’s a photo of me playing it cool and blending in. Photo credit – Vera Rosales –
One of the snaps before heading home. That concludes my photo diary. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed reminiscing about it. Photo credit – Neiljuan Bie –

This trip was planned by my friend/officemate’s close friends to suprise her for her birthday. It was by far my most memorable RAK experience! Well, compared to none. Haha. So, I’m definitely coming back. Thank you Acacia Hotel for the outstanding service, the amazing food, your coolest bartenders, and for the overall experience! And last but by no means least, to my friends and new found friends for tagging me along. Thank you!!!

That is it for today, until next time!


Jinky xx




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