I mess around with so many different products but these are my top picks. I have been keeping it simple, and the lesser the product the better. When it comes to skincare I mostly focusing on keeping my skin moisturized, protected from the sun, and all that age-rewind sort of things.




Makeup Remover wise. I recently discover this from Sephora (obviously), when I was swatching products from them, the lady working there used this on my hands and I was impressed (so much that I have to purchase it) on how it clears your skin off of everything! It is a cleansing water but it works well in removing all your makeup. You just put on a cotton pad or two and rub it around your face. It’s amazing, highly recommend it.




Onto Moisturizer. I am using a moisturizer by Hada Labo. It is a Japanese skin care product that provides you with an intense hydration with its super smooth light texture, that is quickly absorbed by your skin without feeling it heavy or greasy at all. It is so good, it doesn’t cause me breakouts and you can see the difference between a well-moisturized skin and that’s not, the very next morning you wake up. I will link their site here so you can have a look if some of you are wondering. I got mine from a friend and she ordered them from Japan. The 140ml bottle goes a long way and I’m obsessed!




So, I have been experiencing itchiness in some areas of my face that are believed to be caused by dryness and probably because the season’s changing. This product has been a huge help in calming the itch and resolving the dryness. I use just a small amount and apply it to the affected areas.




SUNSCREEN. Yes, they are in capital letters to show how passionate I am about sunscreens. In here we get too much sun and I always and always put sunscreen, it is a huge thing for me. In fact, I use them night and day every day. It is not being extra, it is necessary to have it in your routine helping you avoid skin damages from UV lights, mentioning two of so many: wrinkles and dark spots. I love this one, it has SPF 50 in it and specifically resists and reduces the appearance of UV-Induced Aging.




Nose Mask. This has been my best find for effectively clearing out my nose pores. I do it once every other week and I kid you not, it causes me tears everytime I peel off the mask but hey it is good and it is working, so everything’s fine. It gives me joy how it makes my nose bright, clear, and smooth.




Face Mask. Often times, I switched things up from a peel-off mask to sheet mask depending on what my skin needs. But this one works so well for me that is why I’m sticking with it. I love this because it is not too intense but it does the job, declogging my pores from all the gunk that might have been accumulated from wearing makeup every day. I do this once a week and I absolutely love it, it leaves my skin smooth, fresh, and clean.

DISCLAIMER: I am asian and I tend to gravitate towards asian skincare products just because I have found that my skin reacts differently and there are products that do not work for me.

Alright, that is going to be it for today. Thank you so much for reading. Until next time!




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