Woooo! It is been a while following the last time I have posted. These past few months have been very busy, with work and me starting a small online business, I lose track. BUT I’ll make sure I will get better than this. Sooo I have a day off now, and it means I can properly sit down and blab about my experience in Disneyland and share some photos with you guys.


The place was truly the happiest place and the HOTTEST. We spent a solid 8 hours in there and pretty much certain we went home with a damaged integumentary system. Haha. Like seriously I never thought I could sweat like that, I swear sweats are dripping literally from every parts of my body (well maybe not EVERY parts haha) it’s gross I know. But heyyy it wasn’t bad and the experiences are mine now. IT’S WORTH IT and that’s all that matters!


Bring a snack and water. Foods there are crazy expensive and you have to stay hydrated!

Buy your tickets beforehand. You can buy them online or at the hotel you’re staying if they do sell. Ticket price is HK$589 for a one-day adult entry.

Get there early before it opens. The Hongkong Disneyland opens 10 am and closes 10 pm. The people there will let you in before 10 am so you can carry on right away with picture taking (haha) and you do not want to be squeezing and be squeezed in the queue to get through the turnstiles.

Visit on weekdays. Weekends are the busiest.

Stroll and ride all you can. Waste no time and cover every ride there is and stroll around the entire place.

Watch the parade. You can’t miss the parade that starts at around 4 pm. It is so much fun, super entertaining, and a whole new level of cuteness!

Apply loads of sunscreen. If you’re visiting during the summer basically on scorching days, PLEASE wear sunscreen and don’t forget your sunglasses.

Have a nice day or evening and thank you for stopping by! xx


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