This might sound like I’m tooting my own horn but I’m actually not, I’m just trying to get it out there. PHILIPPINES aka my country is one of the top destinations for travellers who fancy white sand beaches and lush islands, and just one of those is BORACAY ISLAND.

Looking back on those scorching days, ignoring the discomfort of having burnt shoulders and swollen ankles, I will never trade the experiences I had with anything in this world. I can’t swim so water activities aren’t my cup of tea but I have always wanted jet skiing. And guess what, I did it! It was so sick and I was loving it. Not only did I get a chance to do that but also PARASAILING, and ohhhh my worddd that was terrifying! The very moment guys started buckling us on those gears, all I can think of was -what if something will go wrong and we are in the middle of the ocean that is who knows how deep and then we will drown and even though we have life guard we still can be killed by the sudden dropping pressure because we are so high up. THEN I AM GONNA DIE. Hahah it was so funny! I can also remember asking the guy over and over again if he’s sure that everything was secured and that the parasuits won’t stop working whilst we’re in the sky. Haha. I was probably obnoxious. After I got a grip, it did sink in how cool it was being up high and be able to see the endless water surface.

I’d say it was the highlight of my 2017 vacation. My friends and I also did island hopping and with it was snorkelling along the way, which was pretty basic with very least probability of dying but still..i could be bitten by sea snake and then die.. Hahah!

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We stayed at ORCHIDS RESORT in station 3 and somehow managed to walk back and forth to station 2 everyday, where you can find a variety of restaurants and night clubs or just bars for chat and chill. This is where I can say I am a pro of, running and walking. The place was ideal for families to stay as well, cheaper and away from all the noise of night life. You can still get yourself into a nice restaurant or bar in station 3 but it’s just station 2 and 1 got the crazier shebangs.

Here are the fees for the activities I have mentioned:

Parasailing – 1,500 PHP (15 mins)

Jet Ski – 1,000 PHP per head (for the 3 of us for 30mins)

Island hopping – 2,500 PHP (for the 3 of us, 4 islands in 4 hours)

PS. Yesterday we had a seminar (medical related) and one of the topics hit me and it was about RISK. It is a fact that we are always at risk and everyday we walk with risk. BUT how about we’ll try to conquer the risks on the other side of the whole view? Even once in a while, give time for adventure, give a fraction of your life for adventure, you’ll never know what the experiences will make you. I guess what I’m saying is, I am up for anything that terrifies me, that I’m not so keen about of doing for real (under rational terms and conditions) and I hope you are, too. I meann… c’mon it’s 2017 almost 2018 what are you doing?? HAHAH I’m just kidding! xx




    1. Aww thank you so much! That’s so sweet. I haven’t been able to post lately because I was caught up by work and other adulting stuff. But one of these days, I surely will. I would love to read yours too! ☺️

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