Electric Run

One of the things that I like to do or my friends and I would like to do is joining the fun run, and I am saying FUN run, it has got some twist in it that makes the whole experience more unique in my opinion, and I am down for it. Staying active is as important as getting 8 hours of sleep every night (if I could) for me. Although I get a lot of comments on how skinny I am and yet I still like to go for a morning run or going to the gym and whatnot, to be honest, I don’t do this to lose weight. First, I do not gain weight because I have an extremely bored metabolism that knows nothing but to let go of everything I ate the second it hits down my throat (well, not literally but you know what I mean), second I do this because it is fun and it makes me happy plus the benefits I am getting. It is like fuel to my system that keeps me going and makes me feel good about ME.


It was a 5 km night run around the lush Yas Gateway Park with colourful decorative street lights and loud music all over the place. The after party was also epic with a lovely and ridiculously good looking DJ, of course, I am not posting pictures of me actually dancing because that would be too embarrassing. The participants are all from various age groups; there are families with cute kids, massive group of friends and adorable lovers as well. The idea got me thinking and inspired me to promise myself that I am so bringing my children to run with me someday, YES SOMEDAY.


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