Beam of Shimmer

Officially fall into the wagon of shimmer (not too much for now). A friend of mine uses a shimmery blusher from NARS, and when I tried it I surprisingly loved it! The journey has begun, and I intend to keep the theme from now on considering I live in a hot country and every day feels like summer (after few weeks still) so it’s just appropriate I must say. I love how it’s added some radiant to the skin and makes it extra glowy.



First off, Bobbi Brown’s limited edition brightening blush in Truffle Pink. The thing is gorgeous! Honestly, the packaging is so over the top that sold me out as much as the product itself did. When you apply it, the color payoff is a bit brown (ish), and with a hint of soft pink, it is just perfect especially if you have a golden undertone skin like I do. With golden and dark eye makeup with nude lips, I think it will look bomb. Haha! I’m so bad at describing things. I hope you get what I mean.



I also stumbled upon a lipstick that is like a lip balm consistency with a bit of color and thought to give it a try since I wanted to re-open the possibility of wearing lipstick again especially colored ones. Hopefully, we are off to a good start. It doesn’t give that much of a colour, but it goes perfectly with the blusher and thus keeping the whole shimmering shimmery and golden nudeness situation going on, I just love it! 🙂


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